Saturday, November 21, 2009

Now that I've jumped the shark

Well friends, I do believe it is time to say goodbye to this blog. I've just not been into blogging since I shut down my old one about a year and a half ago. I lost a lot of back stories when I closed it, such as the infamous Crazy Ass Weatherman and the Bumpus Family. I've got to say, I do miss living next to some of my weird neighbors just for the entertainment and fabulous stories. When I lost those, I just couldn't seem to get into this one.

There is an entire new category of tales that my new job brings but, no matter how badly I want to dish about the weirdos and freaks that I get to deal with on a daily basis, I can't talk about them.

So this is the end
Time to say good-bye
So this is the end

Where do we go
Where did all the time go
So where do we go
From here

So this is the end
Have you come to be my friend
Time to say good-bye
So this is the end
Will you stay until the end
So this is the end
We'll be coming back again

*Shaw/Blades "My Hallucination" CD, Track 11: "The End"


Ginny said...

Hey, when it stops working for you, no point in dragging it out. Please drop by every now and again, to let me know what's what!

Jennifer said...

Awww, we'll miss your family chaos. Still, when things are working, it's not nearly as amusing as when it isn't... Love you!

Joker_SATX said...

Sorry to hear this...You will be missed!

The Sports Mama said...

I wondered....

Well, I'll just stalk you on FB. :)

Taoist Biker said...

I'll miss ya!

Y'all stop by and see us sometime, y'hear!

Good luck and best wishes to ya.